Sunday, February 22, 2009

JRCC Tournament 2-22-09

Well I have been taking a little time off from catfishing lately but yesterday was the start of the 09 JRCC series. The started out great with around 6 fish from our first spot. The largest there was 47. Then we had to go catch some more bait because we sstarted the day off with only 3 "borrowed" shad. Now this is no lie, the first throw of the cast net got us about 12 medium to small shad which are not my favorite. We threw the net again and there were at least 150 shad in the net. I will post a video of this later but it was amazing. Anway went downriver a ways and didn't do much I think we had one 38 pounder. Then we decided to try a spot that we havent fished in a few years. Well after about 30 minutes it was looking like was hadn't been missing much then the big boy hit. I fought him for a while and eventually got it up to the top of the water where We could see it but just out of netting range. This fish was huge. At lease 60 pounds but we all know once you get them in the boat they are almost always bigger(you cant see how big the stomach in in the water.) Well we didn't get him. I screwed up and when he made a dive straight under the boat I lost him. We ended up 4th with a 38 and a 47.