Friday, July 23, 2010

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

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July 5th fishing report

Went out solo Sat. nite when my partner pooped out on me and boy oh boy, what a nite. You always catch fish when your net man is no where around. Drifted the James a while and landed a few but had the most luck where the water temp was not in the 90's. Anchored the Catfish Cadillac in about 28 ft of water and tossed out 6 freshly baited hooks(love them gizzard shad!). Over the next 90 minutes I had landed a 6,7,14,22,25,26,28 and a 32lb (all blue cats). They were very frisky while in the water doing death roll after death roll ( why not, I lip all my fish and they probably had other ideas)but did not miss a fish once I got one hand in his mouth. No one else fished anywhere near me but a fellow captain. He had a 50, 35, 25 and some dinks. Action is good. I still think with the 100 degree days this week, it will not affect my place on the river where I fish. I've got 2 trips this weekend and expect to have a good time on the Catfish Cadillac catching fish and relaxing big time better known as "extreme catfishin'".........Capt. Joe Cannon(BigCat Guide Service) aboard the Catfish Cadillac