Monday, April 20, 2009

Clark 4-19-09

Sunday I had a group of 6. We took the pontoon so we would have enough room for all of us and it work out nice. We have beautiful weather and some great fishing. We started out getting some fresh bait and as usual it was pretty easy to get. We caught a couple stripers and small cats at our first spot. We sat here for a few hours because we were catching fish and bait and it was a fun spot. Around 1030 we headed down river a little ways and as soon as we got the baits in the water we hooked up with our biggest cat of the day. He was 55 pounds. A little while later we cught another striper and a 25 pound cat. Our totals for the day were 7-8 cats under 10 pounds 23, 25 and 55 pound Blue Catfish and 10, 21, 24 and 32 pound Stripers.


  1. Hello, my name is Randy Clark and just wanted to thank Captain Scott for a great day of fishing. My grandson catching an 8lb blue cat at the age of 7 was worth the trip.
    He kept a watchful eye on the poles all day!!
    I would HIGHLY RECCOMMEND this guide service for your next Catfishing excursion!! The only bad thing about our Capt is he roots for the Redskins and Tony Stewart, I don't understand how someone can be such a great Capt and do that!!! THANKS AGAIN!!!

  2. Thanks Randy, you guys were a lot of fun to take out.

  3. Just watched your video of the red drum catch!! Glad you had good luck!! Randy