Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pamunkey River

I went out last night to the Pamunkey River which is another awesome river for big catfish. If you have been with me before you have probably heard me talk about it. We saw 1 other boat all night not including my dad who also was out. I've attached a video of our night. It was probably one of our worst trips as far as numbers of fish goes but it was funny and relaxing to be back there. We had one fish that was 47 pounds and my dad had a 10, 24 and 30. The bite was very slow but the weird part was we had 4 hits throughout the night were the fish slammed the pole and pulled drag and then right when you went to pick it up they dropped it. I sat its weird but it is something that has happened before but it just doesn't make sense to me. I talk to someone who fished the James last night and they said the bite was the same there so it must of been a weather related thing.

I tried to download a "bleep" sound for the video but couldn't find one. There is some bad language so be warned.