Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Good Fishin!

Monday Night I took my friend Jeff, his dad and uncle out to try for a repeat of Friday night. We caught the tide a little different but we came close. It was also a heat index Monday of over 105. We started off at the usual spot for bait and we were not disappointed. I caught about 15 in no more than 10 minutes with the cast net. I also had about an 18 pound blue in my cast net. I tried a new place on the first spot of the night and didn't get anything. That spot looked really good though I look forward to giving it another shot after dark next time. The second spot we went to had a double waiting for us. We got a 22 and 23 there. The next spot was a deep hole around some shallower water. This is typically a better spot but this time only produced two slightly below average fish. It was now time to go to the spot that produced the most fish Friday night and see what happened. Well it didn't disappoint. It was quite as good but not too far off. We caught 4 fish over 20 there including the big fish of the night a 38. After this we ran into some problems with tide but still managed a few more fish and a small striper under a light at the dock. Another great night not on the James... :)

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