Saturday, March 31, 2012

03-31-12 Report

Today we had a great day on the James River. The weather looked questionable all week but we decided it looked good enough. At first light it was perfect on the water. After about an hour it began to drizzle and that continued until about lunchtime. We struck early and brought in a 26 at the fist spot. 

After that we headed onto our most productive area for the day. Very soon after getting there we had a 21.

After a couple spots we decided to head to the dock for a bathroom break and had a quick hot meal at the Crabby Restaurant at Jordan Point.This break was a great way to pass the time while we waited for the tide to switch and head back out. By the time we got to our next spot it was rolling out and I knew the fishing would get even better. After just a few minutes of having baits in the water we had a nice double of a 25 and a 34.

By this time the sun was out and we had perfect catfishing weather. Best of all there was NO wind. We headed to another spot looking for a couple eaters and maybe another biggin'. We ended up with 5,5,6,10 and 14 pound cats. We made one more big move and had to catch some more shad since I was now out of fresh bait. After a while of sitting with only small fish biting I thought our day might be fishing since it was about time to head in, but before we had to make that decison a pole slammed down and the fight was on.This 30 pounder really fought hard and gave us a great ending to our day.

i had a great crew today that really made my job easy. They handled the fish like pros.We didn't have any missed fish today and we caught fish in all bit 1 of the spots we fished today.


  1. great time,lots of fun and fish.

  2. We had a long wet drive getting to the ramp. There was some doubt about the day. Captain Scott was on time, motivated, and had a positve outlook for the day. Thanks for putting us on the bigger fish and sending us home with some smaller ones for dinner. I really enjoyed fishing the different areas and fishing for fresh bait. Thanks for my new knowledge about catfishing and a great day on the water. The wife thanks you for the well planned bathroom breaks!