Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pamunkey 1-14-12 Report

Today I decided to give the Pamunkey a try since it has been a while since I've been there. My wife's grandfather joined me for his first catfishing trip with me. I was worried it would be too windy and it was at first but the wind got more manageable as the day went on. We didn't get started untill around 1030 and spent the next 2 hours trying to get some fresh bait. I normally don't have any problems getting it but due to the extreme low tide today most of the places I usually get bait were inaccessible. I think the steady strong winds we have been having this week caused the water to be a little lower than normal. We eventually got 2 big shad and I figured at that point that if I spent any longer looking for bait we would waste our whole day. The first spot we went to ended up being or best and really turned the outcome of the day around. Within minutes of getting bait in the water we were hooked up with a 23 pound cat.

It was obviously a little chilly out there today. It was in the low 40's with a steady breeze. As long as we stayed out of the wind it really wasn't too bad. As soon as we got the 23 back in the water another pole went down with line peeling of the spool. This fish came in pretty easy at first but before it was over really put on a fight. He came in a 58 pounds and had a massive head on him. 

We moved to another spot after that just to see what else was biting before we ran out of bait. This spot produced a couple smaller fish and this 31 pounder. 

 After the 31 I wanted to see if anything was biting in a nearby deep hole. It took a few tries to get set up there due to the super strong current and the deep water but once set up we quickly realized this spot was not anywhere near as active as the first two spots. So after a brief sit we went back to a similar spot as the first two. Within 10 minutes I hooked into this awesome fighting 47 pound cat.
We decided to end the day on this fish and head in.

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  1. This will bring back great memories for Eric! Looks like a great day...