Monday, December 26, 2011

12/26/2011 Report

Well some may think it's odd to go fishing the day after Christmas......but they probably aren't cat fisherman! Steve(Top Picture) is a local cat fisherman who wanted to take his son and his girlfriend out for a Christmas present. I think everyone but Steve ended up with their biggest catfish ever so that is always a great thing. The weather was pretty good except for the wind that showed up late morning. We cranked up the heater only once for a few minutes but that was all we needed.  The total for the day was a 12, 38 and 40 pound catfish.

38 Pounder - This fish fought it's butt off! You can see how calm the water is in this picture. This fish was caught at our first spot of the day.

Eater for the Table - Last fish of the day and notice the bumpy water and we were in a fairly protected area.
40 pounder - Mid day fish in heavy current. She fought this fish like a pro!

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