Monday, July 9, 2012

07/07/2012 Report

Saturday night Captain Joe and I took Matt and his father and grandfather out for a fishing trip to celebrate Matt's 9th birthday. It was very hot on Saturday with a high of 104 and heat index near 115. After the first spot we decided the best thing to do was to take a swim for a few minutes while the sun got lower and it cooled down a little.

 Luckily we did have a pretty decent breeze for most of the night that made the heat manageable. Sometimes when the temperatures are as high as they have been the fishing can get really slow. The first two spots of the night didn't produce too much but once it got dark and we got into some really good action at our third hole. Matt was first up and within minutes of getting set up he was wrestling with an awesome Blue Cat. This cat weighed in at 25 pounds and gave us a great fight.

Next up and in the same hole was dad who brought it 20 pounder.

After this things slowed down a bit but it was still a great night and ended up coming in a little early so Matt could go get some breakfast.

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