Wednesday, November 7, 2012

11-6-12 Trip

Even a blind squirrel finds an acorn and that includes letter carriers looking for stripers aboard the Catfish Cadillac

Above I must confess - Bob Holmes my #1 first mate had earned the title of being a Master of Baits..............don't get near the cuttin board when he's doing his thing. I keep telling him we are not eating the shad bait but catching fish with it.........He's hard headed but good at what he does. His larget cat lately is 62 lbs. and lots of 40's and 50's.

And then every now and then a flathead comes along. What a big fight for an average size flattie ! He thinks they look bigger holding then upright but they gotta be about 25-30lbs for that statement to be true.

Not only can Varina High School football team hire good coaches, they also know a thing or two about fishing in the winter on the Mighty James River. Remember - it's always 72 degrees on the Catfish Cadillac. I should say and it's true all 3 pics look like different fish but this fish weighed in at 48lbs. Not a fifty or 60 but give em about 12 months and he'll pull even harder.

Deonta Gail is the MAN holding the fish and he also had a 32lb and a few dinks. His personal best to say the least !

 - - - - - -did I mention it was a 24 ft Sweetwater Pontoon from Southeastern Marine that is made to fish in.......full curtains covering amost 90 sq ft of nothing but pure HEAT in the winter time - - -

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