Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Butermilk Gang 1-5-2013

The ole Buttermilk gang came back for their annual 3 man tourney. Each man had 2 wins under his belt so this was the "rubber match". Danny was the winner as Chris and Goo had to listen to his gloating all the way home to Md.
I don't have any good pics because we did not catch any good fish. My fish in the gill net were bigger than Danny's but he is still the "champion".

We are now starting another annual affair called the Grand Slam. It consist of a spring trip(awesome time to go) and will consist of a formula I have not yet devised nor have they. It will consist of a combination of BIG stripers, awesome hickory shad and the all mighty catfish (blue or flathead).

Stay tuned to our website for more fishing trips coming up. Cats are biting 24/7/365. But spring is a good time to vary and catch some 20-30 lb stripers who have migrated up river to spawn. If you have never caught a hickkory shad, check it out for sure.  You will find out real quick why they are also called the "baby tarpons" - they dart through the water and then jump out and spin around in midair.

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