Tuesday, January 22, 2013

1-22-13 report


Let's see
A- watch the president again...
B - Fish ?

Case closed. Check out the pics BobCat aka Bob the Mailman and I (Capt JOE) aka striperjoe
landed while fishing on the Catfish Cadillac on Monday with  the heater on board keeping us toasty!

 54 lbs !
*** check out the belly and the fish has a big one too....

"I LET BOB" catch the bigger of the two, after all he is just a master of baits and not a captain ....yet!

Actualy Bob landed both fish. He let me hold it. Such a nice guy!
 This was 41 lbs and both fish bit once and took the pole down. Awesome time of year to land a lunker. Scott at 804-690-3875 for Pamunkey River and Mattaponi Trips and The Mighty James River for me and my crew.

Come see us ! Thx Captain Joe Cannon 1-804-690-8469

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