Friday, June 24, 2011

06-23-2011 Report

Well last night finally marked the return of the Sea Fox to the River. It has been a long wait. It all started about a year ago when I left the plug out at the dock while replacing some stuff on my trailer and got water in the fuel. I've had the tank pumped out twice and all three fuel pumps replaced. It's been a real pain in the but. The shop fixing it has returened the boat to me 2 different times telling me that its running great and then I take it out to test it and it runs terrible. So yesterday when I got the call that it was all fixed and ready to go you can image my hesitance to be excited but also my eagerness to get it on the water. I picked it up around 4:30 and went to the river. It was an odd feeling to be towing my boat again and it felt like it had been forever. The boat ran great for the entire 3 hours I was out last night. I started out with a quick test run at differnet speeds. It was obvious it had finally been fixed so I went to find some bait. I put out my net and for about 10 minutes and started throwing the cast net. The first throw I got 1 shad and when I pulled the net in I had 5 more. I headed upriver because it was a little windy and I wasnt so concerned with catching fish as I was with just enjoying having my boat back.
I started out drifting and had a lot of action. They were pulling my baits all around but must have been small as they just wouldnt take it all the way.
I spent about an hour doing that then I head back closer to the dock to fish a deep hole that can sometime produce a nice fish. The current wasnt running as hard as I had hoped at this spot but I fished it anyway. It was a 50ft hole that came up to 35 ft. I anchored in the 35 and pitched my baits back to the fish I had marked in the hole. I got a couple decent hits early but then they stoped. I repositioned some of the baits and finally got one to commit.
It was not monster but it was great just to have the boat back out and pull something in.

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