Sunday, June 26, 2011

06-25-2011 Report

Last night Capt Joe and myself went out together which doesn't happen often. We have completely different fishing styles so we usually just fish our own boats. I went out before he got there and easily caught 11 shad. I spent about 2 hours this weekend repairing my net so i was glad to see it do good. It was really windy last night but we only planned on staying out for a couple of hours so we had no big expectations plus reports from the night before from others were not very good. We headed down river a few miles and to our first spot and didn't have a bite there. After that the current was running pretty good so we went even further down river, not a good idea when its blowing 20mph. It was pretty rough but we fished anyway. About 15 minutes of sitting produced our only fish of the night. It was about 20 pounds. We didn't get a chance to weight him because we tried to pull him in by the leader instead of netting and he popped off. No big deal and we wouldn't have even tried this on a trip or in a tournament. We got a short video of the fish though.

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