Saturday, February 4, 2012

02-04-2012 Report

Today we hit the Pamunkey again but this time I came ready with a cooler of fresh caught bait. Of course when you have plenty of bait the fish aren't as cooperative, but it never fails if you can't find bait they wont stop biting.   Either way it was still a great day. The weather was perfect and everyone seemed to have a good time. Our first spot of the day produced a 20 pound cat

Then we caught some some smaller one's a 15 pounder

and the big fish for the day was this nice 36 pound cat.


the total for the day was 5 8 10 15 20 36


  1. The fishing should start to get a little better. Do u have any newer updates. Me and some buddys are going to come fish with you pretty soon. We just need to figure out when we can all get off. Thank for the reports if u have any new ones feel free to post. THANK YOU

  2. I will post as soon as I have a new report. I didn't go this past weekend. I had some things at chuch to go to. We will be back out soon though.