Friday, February 17, 2012

Waiting for summer? What's a croaker?

Every year the fishing is good in the winter but the phone never rings like it does in the summer. Almost every trip I take out someone will ask me "What is the best time of year to go?" I always tell them Fall, Winter and Spring, more specifically October through April. I always feel bad when we are on a summer trip and their reaction is "Oh Really?" Well here I am officially notifying everyone that if your are planning to take a trip out catfishing you should try and book it for any time between October and the end of April. I'm not saying you can't or wont catch fish in the summer. I'm just saying it's better now. I know a lot of people relate warm weather with fishing but just take a look at our pictures and you will notice that most of the bigger fish we tend to catch during the day(not summer nighttime trips.) I must acknowledge though that our biggest fish was caught in the summer though. The 81 Pounder that is at the top of the page was caught at night in the summer.

Also beginning this summer we will be offering some Saltwater Croaker trips running out of West Point and Croaker on the York River. These are great trips for kids and great for people who want to catch fish for the freezer. We will catch eater size catfish and croakers and you can keep all you catch within the laws of the state. Trips are for up to 6 people and will cost $250 for a 6 hour trip. Trips for 2 people will cost $150 and will be for 4 hours. This will be an introductory price and will most likely increase once this trip is established. So feel free to book your summer trip now and lock in this rate. Also because this is a saltwater trip I am able to provide fishing licences for you and that is already included in the cost of the trip.

Also I will provide a cooler with ice on the boat to keep your fish in
 and a cooler with water to drink and snacks for the day.

These trips will start in May and continue until the fish move back down river sometime in August.

This is going to be a very fun trip and should produce a good amount of meat for the freezer.

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