Tuesday, February 21, 2012

02/20/2012 Catfish Cadillac Report

Big Cat Guide Service was in action again yesterday .Captain Joe Cannon along with 1st mate BOB THE MAILMAN had a semi-productive day with 4 men from the Fredricksburg area of which 2 were retired FBI agents. Can you imagine 1 disgruntled postal worker(BOB) and 2 retired FBI agents on the same boat. We all came back safe. We were totally excited fishing as we put Danny, the youngest of the 4 and Kevin's son, on a 37 pound personal best big blue cat.

So many guests we take out are rather hesitant on handling a big slimy fish but Danny was totally into it. He was slimed and wore his battle scar( one majorly slimed sweatshirt)proudly the rest of the day. Danny was a special person to us all and it was totally gratifying to see his face and smile after his catch. Priceless. We followed with a couple of fish in the teens later in the day. We missed several nice pull downs,more than normal actually. So we had a good bite all day but very few takers. Having a good crew is half the trip and these guys were very appreciative of our efforts even though we know we Could have done more - mother nature said different. In summary a great first mate, awesome captain and 4 avid and excited fishermen made for a beautiful day on the water.

PS - My Mister Heater did an awesome job again on the Catfish Cadillac where it's always 72 degrees !

Tight Lines Captain JOE Cannon

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