Monday, October 15, 2012

10-13 Pamunkey Trip

Saturday I took out my wife's Grandfather and some of the guys that lived in my old neighborhood. The weather couldn't have been any better with highs in the 60's and very little wind. We started out getting some bait and no trouble at all finding that. We also caught a ton of turtle and a couple small puppy drum while we were getting bait.

Our first good cat of the day was this 20 pound blue.

A little later we had this nice 28 pounder. Right before we caught this one we had a fish slam a pole about as hard as I have ever seen. We had it one for a minute before it broke our like. You never know how big it was but it sure seemed like a monster!

 While we were fishing a spot in a creek this raccoon walked along the marsh and then swam across the creek.

This fish was about 12-15 pounds but he hit the rod so hard he unscrewed my rod holder.

The leaves are starting to change and its a great time to go fishing. As the water cools down the fishing heats up.

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