Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Capt Joe's 9-29 Trip

The Bite is On - Captain Joe on the Catfish Cadillac(24ft pontoon) 
Did I mention it was HEATED ? ? ?  
We had our first day trip of the fall/winter season Saturday as my first mate (CatfishBOB) and I stayed busy early in the day pullin' in some nice cats. Matt graduated from his High School and his MOM and DAD asked him what he wanted for a present. Long story short - he's holding it - A 40 lb Blue Cat ! ! !  
Awesome family pic of Shelly and Woody  and Matt with his hawg ...........super nice family and we all had a blast .......
Within 15 minutes he pulled in his second big cat - CITATION 30 lbs ! ! !
The rods just kept slammin' down. Woody and Shelly his mom let Matt pull in every fish on our trip.
Flatheads love live bait ! Suprise - a nice but small flathead. Well small to me but bigger than any flathead Matt had caught back home in West Virginia. I was afraid to ask but they do have cars now and indoor plumbing in West Va. How times change !
Finally we moved and anchored and a 21 pounder slams the pole again. His 3rd biggest for the day.
We pulled in about 3-4 more smaller fish but overall an awesome day. Give us a call as Matt is ready to book for the spring season already hoping to get in on the BIG Striper action.

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