Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Wounded Warriors October 2012

Mikey(Marines), Kyle(Army) and Britt (Marines ) were my guest aboard the Catfish Cadillac for the Wounded
Warrior MasterCatters2 Fishing Tourney out of Hopewell.
Britt on the right stepped on an IED(and is doin ok as long as you feed him Corona's) (without the lime) and is next to Kyle who was injured in an auto accident and doin ok and then of course Mikey - the one that looks like he is sitting down (really on a step stool and also a marine(his story later).
Mikey did pull in this 33 lber against the current and he was lookin bigger than any 33 but
I am not one to fudge(how can I - I am a fisherman).

Time to back up on Britt. He has had 7 surgeries. He has a titanium plate in his head with a 12 open stitched up to show for it.
He has had his voice box rebuilt(still talked almost aas much as me) and little use of his right arm. He was a happy go lucky 23 yr old who went to war so we could enjoy what we do so taking these guys out just made me feel warm and fuzzy all over and helping me out and his first cat trip was Steve Hudson who's dad had served in Korea. We all were glad to show these guys a good time and we did.

This fish was a nice 21 lber that got our day started. There were more pics but will try to post later.
We had 2nd biggest fish out of the 21 boats entered in the tourney. These young guys had a blast and I was assisted by my first mate - Joey Fincher aka Gilligan ! Plenty of food and drink and prizes given out after the ceremonies.

Call me today Joe on the 24ft Sweetwater pontoon aka The Catfish Cadillac - heat - cushion seats, music and you name it. Phone is 804-690-8469. We seem to be getting several hogs each trip.

Tonight I am going out striper fishing with rattletraps at an "unknown location" ! ! ! ! !

Lots of fish - call Scott and visit the Pamunkey River - you are gonna catch fish with Capt. Scott ! 804-690-3875. I hope to hear from some of our fans. Winter fishing is almost here - it's always 72 degrees on the catfish cadillac and for the young at heart Scott's 21ft Carolina Skiff does it all with speed ! Cya Capt Joe

PS - God Bless his soul - Mikey, the marine, was in Okinawa and fell off a long board(skateboard) going 40 mph ! Joey told him he'd have to come up with a better story than that but Mikey is sticking with it. Still don't know what his injuries were but somehow he was a "Wounded Warrior" and thanks to everyone one of them for their sacrifice. You might say we picked on Mikey a little bit but even at 5' 4" he took it like a Marine ! ! !

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